About Antiquarian Photographer

Established in the UK and based in London for nearly two decades, now also with a studio in New York for about a year, Antiquarian Photographer brings together the expertise, quality and the value for money in high end antiquarian digital photography.

Specialised in rare books, maps and atlases as well as vintage photography and collectors objects, Antiquarian Photographer uses ultra high-resolution, Hasselblad HD4 and HD6 cameras, supplying 40 and 100 megapixels images of ultra high resolution, setting a very high standard for photographers working within the antiquarian photography field.

Having worked as a full-time in-house photographer as well as a consultant for the leading market dealers and collectors, Antiquarian Photographer boasts a vast experience with a wide range of materials photographed: from the rarest and most expensive books, atlases, globes and objects in the world - for high end printed and online publications - to the simplest but nonetheless important small items for companies catalogues and websites.

Packaging expertise and utmost care for your items with excellent digital high end results, our photography promises to bring your items to life. Images are supplied retouched and usage optimised, either web and/or print formats, with affordable prices.

If you wish to have the best technical and professional standards and are thinking of having your valuable collection or single items photographed, do contact us for a consultation about your requirements.
Based in the UK, Antiquarian Photographer accepts assignments all over the globe, always working out a package to make it a good value service for the clients.